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 PS3 vs xBox 360

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PostSubject: PS3 vs xBox 360   Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:04 am

Category 1: Style
xBox 360:*****/*****| Glossy, slim, green and black make for a nice color combo, what more is there to ask?
PS3: ***/*****| Eggshell gloss looks hideous on a gaming system, it looks like a mini piano or an old CD player, it is sleek, and thin though.
Winner: 360
Category 2: Customization
360: ***/*****| Many game-based cases/ skins, but not many over-all customization ways besides that and custom controllers, which have a gigantic fee.
PS3: *****/*****| Custom controllers are a lot cheaper, and there's a lot more of a variety of them, there aren't many skins or cases for it, but, hey, that's what skinit's for. Also, you can get your own hard drive for it, which is a big plus over the 360, there are also fan and water-based cooling systems for it, but nothing comes without a price.
Winner: PS3
Category 3: Games
360: ****/*****|What game doesn't come out for this system? Pretty much everything except exclusive games will come out for the 360, so it'll take days or weeks or months or years or eternity to finish all of them.
PS3: *****/*****| More exclusive games then the 360, such as, Little Big Planet, and Little Big Planet 2, ModNation Racers, and others, you'll be busy, VERY busy
Winner: PS3
Category 4: Features
360: ****/*****| Built in Wi-Fi, lacks others, BlueTooth, 'nuff said.
PS3: *****/*****| Blu-Ray player, as well as certain free downloads makes it a full entertainment system. Also, BlueTooth.
Category 5: Online
360: ****/*****| Costs money and not very friendly online play, but it runs super fast, and barely ever crashes, also, free BlueTooth headset with it.
PS3: ***/*****| Friendly online play, it's free, but no BlueTooth headset included for free, which really sucks.
Winner: 360
I averaged the scores and came out with these:
360: 4
PS3: 4.2
The winner is the PS3 with a 4.2 average, beating the 360 by 0.2 points
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PostSubject: Re: PS3 vs xBox 360   Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:27 am

Should i lock or stickie this?
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PS3 vs xBox 360
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